Thank you for your interest in purchasing King Cone Ear Candles.

            We do not have product in stock and have no dates on availability.

Product will NOT be available till mid 2022 (if at all). The manufacturer has fallen on hard times.

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King Cones are in a
Class of their Own
Single Pair Ear Candle Pricing Now Available!!!!
Ear Candles 11.5″
Many professionals think so! After using King Cone Ear Candles, many will use no other.
The size of our cones are much larger than anything else on the market.

Designed by an Aerospace Engineer/Massage Therapist, modern technology and ancient healing wisdom were brought together to develop the highest quality Ear Candle possible.

Our Ear Candles are made with 100% natural cotton, beeswax, palm kernel and oil (No Parrifin).  All of our Cones are 1″ in diameter. Our tip is a funnel like taper to just under a 1/4th of an inch. For your comfort, the tip of the ear cone is double dipped in bee’s wax. This provides a soft gentle feeling when held to your ear canal, providing a better fit and seal for the vacuum process.