How To


  1. Create a relaxing environment for the person receiving the treatment.
  2. Have receiver lie down on their side in a comfortable position. (Use a pillow under the head.)
  3. Place towels over the head leaving the ear exposed, covering the hair, neck, and shoulder.
  4. Gently tilt head in a downward angle, so the cone will be up-right and off to a slight angle, to about a one o’clock position.
  5. Light cone on fire on the large end, and gently place small end into the ear canal, or you can have your receiver help to place the cone to a snug fit.
  6. If smoke appears at base of cone, blow away smoke and readjust the cone for a better seal.
  7. Rest your hand on your candle’s head while holding the cone to the ear. Also relaxing fingers while holding cone. This will allow you to reduce the stress in your hands and arms allowing pressure from the cone to be reduced.
  8. Let the cone burn to the line, remove cone from ear, extinguish flame by folding between the wet paper towels. (Depending on how the candle burns, you may want to stop prior to the lines. Use your good judgement. When the ash is lightened to white, it may float off.)
  9. Cut the burned material off, disposing of it within wet paper towels.
  10. Clean out the ear cone using the wooden skewer, letting debris fall.
  11. Repeat steps 4-8 (Don’t let the flame pass the red line!)
  12. Gently clean the ear with a cotton swab dipped in olive oil.
  13. Keep ears dry for about 24 hours after the treatment.
  14. Depending on conditions, you may want to insert cotton balls in the ears to protect from cold or wind.

Disclaimer:  This product is not a medical device. Its intended use is not for treatment or cure of any medical conditions or disease. By purchasing and participating in ear candling, the consumer assumes fully liable for any claims, expenses or damages related to their session of ear candling.